The society has experienced an instant and rapid development of an upgraded lifestyle. Traditional daily cleaning products are highly effective for removing dirt and disinfecting the surfaces, however, these often contain harsh chemicals that linger in the air. It is what one is vulnerable to. A main ingredient that triggers such health issues is “Volatile Organic Compound”. It evaporates at room temperature and can stay in air for hours.  It’s exposure can affect health.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


There is a solution to achieve a clean and healthy environment. Eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming popular in the market for safe and wonderful results. It has a powerful 2-in-1; reduces indoor air pollution and protects the environment through the use of biodegradable ingredients and sustainable practices. This shift towards an eco-friendly cleaning recognizes the damage by products. Eco-friendly cleaning products are made with plant-derived ingredients that have natural alternatives to harsh chemicals. With eco-friendly commercial cleaning services in Windsor, one can improve the indoor air quality.

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How Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Work


Eco-friendly cleaning products clean dirt and grime with a combination of natural ingredients and product reaction. Extracts like citric acid and acetic acid can easily dissolve grease, grime and mineral deposits. Soap nuts create a natural lather that helps remove dirt from surfaces. Enzymes are biological catalysts that also help remove dirt, grease and stains at a microscopic level. These are highly effective against food residue and pet accidents. Essential oils like lavender add a pleasant natural fragrance. It is better than the harsh ones derived from petroleum-based cleaners.

How to Choose the Right Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


Eco Friendlt Cleaning

It is important to choose the correct eco-friendly cleaning products with many benefits and an affordable price. Try to look for products with plant-derived ingredients that are designed for specific surfaces. Get professional cleaning services for a better result!

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DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions


Create your own affordable cleaners at home with simple ingredients. It will improve your physical and financial health. You can mix together white vinegar, castile soap, citrus peels for fresh fragrance, and use water to wipe down tables and appliances safely. It cleans everyday dust on surfaces. Another option is to use white vinegar, water and tea tree oil to disinfect windows, doorknobs and other surfaces. Baking soda paste is  a powerful agent that can remove the grease from stubborn stains. This dynamic duo fights a combo!

Educating Your Staff on the Importance of Eco-Friendly Cleaning


It is an important practice as it can improve health and boost productivity of the employees. If they are provided with a clean and safe environment, it can charge their energy. This healthy practice can also attract new business as it shows a streamlined and organized workplace that can handle workload and give the optimal outcome. Get cleaning services for  instant results.

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Health Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality


Improved indoor air quality can greatly reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. It also enhances the quality of sleep, breathing and sharpens the cognitive function with less fatigue. It can help with mood, stress levels and skin health. Small steps towards a better indoor AQI can be a great long-term investment with commercial cleaning in Windsor.



Switch from harsh chemicals to natural ingredients to reduce air pollution and create a healthy environment for those around. Buy products that have less VOCs to improve cleanliness, from dusting services with microfiber cloth and floor moping to using plant-based floor cleaner. There are many ways to include eco-friendly cleaning practices into your life. These products are biodegradable and minimize their impact on the environment including window cleaning and vacuum cleaning! Be sustainable and get commercial cleaning services in Windsor today!

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